Sound infrastructure is the foundation for strong performance. At Babcock we design, build, operate and maintain the critical infrastructure needed to meet complex and fast moving challenges world-wide.

We power industry, business and communities by ensuring that thousands of miles of high voltage power lines are managed and maintained to the highest standard. As the largest conventional track renewals organisation in the country, our work keeps millions of people moving every day. We are at the heart of the communications industry and manage and maintain the Skelton Mast in Cumbria; a shortwave radio transmitter which is the tallest structure in the UK. We manage a vast portfolio of property, ranging from high security Ministry of Defence (MoD) operational facilities to your local schools, offices and hospitals.

Our experience spans generations. The BBC's first public television transmission in 1936 came from the Alexandra Palace Tower, which Babcock designed, and our work with the BBC has continued uninterrupted until today. We believe that says something very powerful about the quality of infrastructure support on offer from Babcock.

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