INAER Aviation Italy

INAER Aviation Italia registered office is in Milan and employs more than 600 professionals. Focusing and believing on the continuous education and training of its crews, pursuing the highest level of aircraft maintenance services, and committing to the continuous improvement of the quality of its services, INAER leads in the Italian helicopter industry and it is also growing internationally.

INAER uses an ATO for the training of pilots, also a Part 147 and a Design and Completion Department.

INAER Aviation Italy
INAER Aviation Italy

Our work

INAER Aviation Italia is specialized in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and runs 38 bases in Italy, located in the main regions of the country. Offshore rescue service and assistance to 5 oil rigs, and fire-fighting activity are the other major specialities of INAER, delivered by a highly-trained staff.

INAER Aviation Italia runs 31 bases located throughout Italy, designed for medical emergency services and high-mountain rescue. INAER boasts over 25 years of experience and more than 100.000 hours of flight time. With a helicopter fleet offering the most advanced equipment, INAER guarantees a reliable and trusted service to its clients, in full compliance with quality and safety regulations.

INAER Aviation Italia started its offshore services in 1982 with the passenger transportation and assistance to the ENI oil plant in Ravenna. Today INAER grants services to the main oil and gas companies providing its services in Italy, Cyprus, Libya, and in the North Sea.

For its offshore activities, INAER uses one of the most modern European fleets, featuring aircraft equipped with state of the art technologies and the most advanced safety systems.

The Italian firefighting fleet of 19 Bombardier CL-415 aircraft is one of the most important in the world. The Bombardier Fleet, owned by the Italian Fire Corps, is operated by the highly experienced technicians and pilots of INAER Aviation Italia’s Fixed Wing Division. It has its operational base in Rome - Ciampino International airport and runs 3 permanent bases and 2 seasonal ones, with 100 pilots and 130 technicians.

Aircraft maintenance centre

INAER Aviation Italia has its main operational base in Colico, near Lake Como. Offices and technical facilities are based in the 13.000 sqm infrastructure in Colico.

The 3.000 sqm hangar can provide maintenance service for 10 helicopters simultaneously, and the service area has 7 landing strips and a well-lighted area for 24/7 operations.

INAER Aviation Italia provides maintenance services for its own aircraft as well as those of third parties in its aviation maintenance center in Belluno.

The Fixed Wing Division, located in Rome - Ciampino International airport, manages every maintenance service and flight operations of the Italian Fire Corps’s Fleet (Bombardier aircraft) which is specialized in firefighting operations.

INAER has 2 hangars inside Ciampino International Airport, big enough to host 6 aircraft in maintenance as well as several parking and resting areas.

In addition to its main headquarters, INAER Aviation Italia has a permanent Aviation Maintenance Fleet Service in Lamezia Terme, Italy.


  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • 600 employees
  • Operated aircraft 65
  • More than 11,000 EMS missions
  • 1,023 firefighting operations
  • 7,500 Oil & Gas passengers

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