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Babcock International Group PLC announced the proposed acquisition of Avincis Group on Thursday 27 March 2014.

Please click here to visit our dedicated microsite for details including the announcement, presentation and audio-cast.  Please note that content is restricted for certain audiences.

Shareholders who have any questions regarding voting in the General Meeting or the Rights Issue should contact Capita Asset Services on 0871 664 0321 from within the UK or +44 20 8639 3399 if calling from outside the UK.

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Date Title PDF Interactive Report
Thu 28th Nov Half Year Report 2013/2014 [PDF]  
Wed 5th Jun Annual Report and Accounts 2013 [PDF] [INT-REP]
Fri 30th Nov Half Year Report 2012/2013 [PDF]  
Wed 6th Jun Annual Report and Accounts 2012 [PDF] [INT-REP]
Tue 8th Nov Half Year Report 2011/2012 [PDF]  

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